Salem Cigarette Coupons

Salem Cigarette Coupons Salem, another popular brand of cigarettes, were first introduced to the United States in 1956.  Salem Cigarettes were the...

Salem Cigarette Coupons

Salem Cigarette Coupons
Salem, another popular brand of cigarettes, were first introduced to the United States in 1956.  Salem Cigarettes were the first ever filter tipped menthol cigarettes.  The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company created the name Salem due to were their company was headquartered, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  What makes Salem cigarettes different from other brands is that they are blended with Asian Menthol, rather than the traditional main-stream menthol found in other popular brands of cigarettes.  In recent years, Salem has now begun to offer Light and Ultra light cigarettes.  Salem Cigarette Coupons are widely available, and can save you lots of money on Salem Cigarettes.

Finding Salem Cigarette Coupons

Salem Cigarettes are a popular brand of cigarettes.  This means that there can be a ton of Salem Cigarette Coupons out there for you to use to buy cheap salem cigarettes!  When you get your free Salem Cigarette Coupons, you simply take them to your favorite place to buy Salem Cigarettes.  Salem Cigarettes are sold at grocery stores, discount tobacco shops, and most popular at Gas Stations!

Printable Salem Cigarette Coupons

Another great way to save money on your favorite Salem Cigarettes is to find printable salem cigarette coupons.   These printable salem coupons are one of the most convenient and easiest ways to save a lot of money whenever you buy a Salem Cigarette Pack or even a Salem Cigarette Carton.  You simply take your printable salem coupons to your favorite place to buy salem cigarettes, the clerk scans them in, and instantly you can save 50 cents to 1$ on your favorite pack of salem cigarettes!  Get your Free Salem Cigarette Coupons now!

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    I use to get coupons for Salems. I haven’t got them for a long time. I would like to get them again. I’m thinking of going to another brand, so I can get coupons.

  7. PAT PATTERSON says:

    Please send me Salem coupons… My address is 4762 E. Hedges, Fresno, CA 93703. I’ve been smoking Salem for over 40 years and would enjoy having coupons to save some money on this. Thanks. P. Patterson

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    Salem Silver 100 Coupons please! I don’t want to go to a cheaper brand. but I need a little help. It’s been four years since I received any discounts, so I am writing to let you know.

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    please send salem slim light 100s please

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